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We're pleased to offer our patients one of the most innovative solutions for individuals with tooth loss--Fountain of Youth® Dentures. FOY® Dentures are a comfortable, high-quality alternative to traditional dentures. These dentures are made of premium materials and use neuromuscular dentistry to focus on creating unity between hard tissues and soft tissues. Traditional dentures are created using a basic impression of your mouth. FOY Dentures® are scientifically designed to accommodate muscles in motion, which makes talking, eating or smiling feel natural again.

FOY® Dentures offer many neuromuscular, functional and rejuvenation benefits. They can:

  • Reduce bone loss in the jaw
  • Reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort caused by traditional dentures
  • Improve speech, chewing and smiling
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Eliminate sunken-in appearance caused by traditional dentures

So why are they called Fountain of Youth® Dentures? Because they're designed to restore your face’s youthful proportions. One of the main reasons people chose FOY® Dentures over any other kind is that they turn back the clock and improve facial appearance for denture wearers.

Dentists receive specialized training in order to offer Fountain of Youth® Dentures to their patients. At Devine Dentistry, we are proud to offer this life-changing service to our patients. If you're looking for high-quality dentures that can improve your way of life and take years off your appearance, call our office today at 615-269-4209 for a consultation.

Disclaimer: Fountain of Youth® Dentures are not related to Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Life Dentistry® treatment.